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Kingsley Health & Beauty - A Guinot Crown Salon

Acquiring the coveted ‘Guinot Crown Salon’ accolade is the result of Kingsley Health & Beauty Solarium’s dedication to client care, with an attention to detail that many do not manage to achieve or maintain.

The Guinot philosophy

The Guinot Institute, based in Paris, has a unique approach to beauty and skincare, recognising the confluence of ‘standard’ cosmetic products with pharmacology; the skincare systems and procedures that actually make a difference, can only achieve this through being not just apparently potent – but pharmacologically potent. For example, one of their most famous products (Longue Vie) has its genesis in hospital dermatology and skin repair (post-burns) departments.

Staffed by experts in skincare

The Guinot philosophy – that one product certainly does not fit all – mans that you will need access to an approved salon to benefir from the products, knowledge and service. The UK Beauty Therapist of the Year 2007 award mentioned along the top of the website, was won by our Ali Baker.

You will receive a thorough and bespoke consultation to create a profile of your skin-type(s) and treatment or care needs.

From one-off pampering, to group bookings

A quick glance down our site menu will give you a good idea of the services we provide – do feel free to give us a call to spoil yourself – or someone else!